Handmade Kustom Art

100% HANDMADE : hand sculpted, casted and hand painted

Here you will find the Kustom workshop


You have an idea as a drawing, a club logo, a company logo or anything else that you would like to realize as a 3D sculpture, relief picture or as an article of daily use, for example shift knobs in your vintage car? - Yes that works!


The sculptures are modelled or carved by hand depending on the size. In order to reproduce the individual works as limited editions or to make them robust and suitable for everyday use, the original sculptures are then moulded and casted by hand from hard plastic after the original, cleaned and hand-painted. Thus each piece remains unique. 


The pieces of daily use like gear shifter knobs, beerhandletaps, music instruments etc. are finished with 2-part car lacquer and are thus perfectly weather, alcohol and cleaning agent resistant. 


In the gallery you will find an overview of the sculpture works. It is a mix of different craft techniques.  Carvings, sculptures, alterations, airbrush and paint jobs, .... Customer orders, ideas, realisations.



Shifter Knobs

Gear Shifter Knobs for Cars and Bikes


Collecting and display

Wall Hangers

something for the wall

ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Beer or Cocktail Mugs

commission works

the koolest costumers - the koolest comissions!


Handmade unique Masks