About me - Thrashboy®



Behind the name Thrashboy stands the creative head Christof Kaspar


Kustom is the keyword! Different, not off the peg, handmade, individual, with attention to detail...   

Thrashboy is supposed to stand across the board for the rocking style, the variety of materials, design possibilities and techniques of his craft. Christof's stylistic love is for the 30s to 60s. The music, the cars, motorcycles, street signs, advertisements, art, culture and life forms from this time are the inspiration and shape his works and his lifestyle. A good portion of punk rock is added and the creative mixture is ready. 


Handmade Kustom Art


In his studio, he realizes his ideas in 3D works, sculptures and utensils, invents new furniture creations, implements customer wishes or spins new designs together. His ideas and works are as varied as the materials he uses. Standing still is not his thing. His works and designs are created by constantly developing new things, by exploiting and further developing the new.




When he can't be found in his studio, he's usually on the road with his vintage car and his camera. This is another passion that belongs to his artistic work. The pictures he creates are the way he sees them from his point of view. And just as diverse, massive and somewhat different as everything here... :) 


The variety and the mix make it all


Individually and personally tailored. That's what it's all about. Something different, something that stands out and is unusual. AAh, that's really possible ?¿! Christof Kaspar is the right contact person for furnishing, style and colour design of apartment, office, business room or bar, for individually designed pictures, photographs, custom art on helmet, motorcycle, car or musical instrument.


"Almost anything is possible, I don't want to set myself any limits! I am very much looking forward to special wishes and ideas".


For inquiries, suggestions or personal advice, please simply contact me at